About Us

The Craftsman: 
Rob Asher

     Rob was born to hunt ducks and lucky enough to have been raised along the duck rich banks of the Cache and Black Rivers in Northeast Arkansas.  Each year as the air grows colder and the leaves begin to fall, mallards return to this area in large numbers and you can guarantee that Rob will be there trying to greet every one of them personally!  His love of the outdoors, and waterfowl in particular, has driven him to seek a degree in Wildlife Biology, maintain a waterfowl guide service, and design his own custom duck calls.  Rob hand turns all of his calls without any blueprint other than that which is stored in his head.  Each call is blown and blown again until it is to the standards in which he wants them.  If a call is not up for the woods, it is in the woodpile.  No call or product will leave the shop unless it is one that he would use personally.


The Craftsman's Wife:  Jacqueline Asher

    Jacqueline is also a native of Northeast Arkansas.  She has a degree in Business.  She and Rob were classmates in high school.  She works in the shop with Rob which can be fun and a nightmare.  Two perfectionists in one small room can be very interesting sometimes.  She has become the true workhorse behind the business performing every phase of the call making operation.  Rob says without her DeepWoods Calls would still be just a nice hobby.  She also makes most of the lanyards that are a part of the product line.  She says she enjoys when she and Rob begin with that block of wood or acrylic and then watch a work of art unfold before her eyes.  







A word from the craftsman and sidekick:

"We would like to thank our family, friends, and You for visiting us." "We hope that you have enjoyed the site and please come back and see us often." "Wishing all many great seasons to come!"

Best Regards,

Rob and Jacqueline